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Teak Decking

Woodstock Boatbuilders recommend and use TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS® a North American manufacturer of pre-assembled and pre-trimmed custom-built teak decks and interior flooring for yachts. Whether you wish to add teak decks to a vessel under construction, or to repair, re-seam or replace an existing deck, Woodstock Boatbuilders together with TEAKDECKING SYSTEMS® can assist you with your project.

The concept for pre-assembled teak decks in modular form was brought by Teak-decking Systems from Sweden to North America in 1983. The system works by an accurate template being created of the deck to be replaced, or the area to be decked. The template is then sent to the factory where the teak decks are pre-assembled before being transported back to the vessel’s location to be permanently installed in large sections. Exterior decks of all sizes can be built with straight planks or planks swept to match the shape of the deck.

The procedure is considered to be the most practical and cost efficient way to install teak decks on a vessel. The panel system significantly speeds up the installation of a new or replacement deck as it eliminates the need to hand lay a deck plank by plank. Importantly for the owner of a vessel having its deck replaced with Teak-decking System this means the vessel will be out of service for a shorter period of time.

Teak-decking Systems continues to evolve, for example in order to assure the quality of its decks, Teak-decking Systems have developed its own caulking, SIS440, as well as a special 1:1 epoxy adhesive, FE180A, for bonding the teak to the vessel’s decks. The caulking compounds and adhesives used in bonding the panels to the sub-deck permits a sharp reduction in the need for fasteners while eliminating deck leaks.

Whether the project involves replacing an existing deck, or constructing new decks for a new build, Teak-decking Systems products will reduce the overall cost of deck installation and in every case enhance the appearance and value of the vessel.

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